Huelyn Duvall – Three Months To Kill

Huelyn Duvall - Three Months To Kill

Huelyn Duvall
Three Months To Kill
LABEL Richard Weize Archives
GENRE Rock 'n' Roll
TRACKS 33 (72:25 min.)
FORMAT 1-CD digipac • 68-page booklet


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HUELYN DUVALL had it all going for him: good looks, good records, and a rich record label. But somehow a hit record never materialized. Now for the first time, RICHARD WEIZE ARCHIVES presents the complete story, from Duvall's roots as a Texas high school kid to his sessions at Hollywood's and Nashville's finest studios with the best session men.
The accompanying 68-page book is richly illustrated and exhaustively researched by music historian Hank Davis. Duvall's recordings are presented in a generous 33-track compilation – including his late-'50s CHALLENGE releases, rare singles and previously unissued demos, produced by Texas record man, Danny Wolfe. Duvall's career, which has never been examined more fully, is the kind of story of the '50s music business that rarely gets told.

  1. Three Months To Kill
  2. Comin Or Goin
  3. It's No Wonder
  4. Juliet
  5. Little Boy Blue
  6. Double Talkin' Baby
  7. Teen Queen
  8. Hum-Dinger
  9. Friday Night On A Dollar Bill
  10. These Chills
  11. Tear Stained Letter
  12. Life Begins At 4 O'Clock
  13. Boom Boom Baby
  14. Susie's House
  15. Comin' Or Goin'
  16. Pucker Paint
  17. Hey Brutus
  18. You Knock Me Out
  19. Fool's Hall Of Fame
  20. My Girl
  21. Got A Little Girl
  22. Let's Make A Block
  23. Does She Love Me
  24. When The Party Is Over
  25. Beautiful Dreamer
  26. Hum-Dinger
  27. Across The Aisle
  28. Modern Romance
  29. I Love Her So
  30. Lonely
  31. Blue Lawdy Blue
  32. Fool's Hall Of Fame
  33. It's No Wonder