Huelyn Duvall

Huelyn Duvall

Huelyn Duvall:
Birth name: Huelyn Wayne Duvall
Born: August 18, 1939 Garner, Texas, United States
Genres: Rock and roll, rockabilly
Occupation(s): Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments: Guitar, vocals
Years active: 1956–present
Labels: Challenge, Starfire, Twinkle, Brazos Valley, Rhythm Bomb, Goofin'

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When true rock-n-roll swept the world like a volcano erupting, engulfing all before it, Huelyn Duvall was there. Recording at studios in Nashville and Hollywood in 1957-58 with the best musicians available, Huelyn is known the world over for your classic and cult favorite songs such as ‘Three months To Kill’, ‘Pucker Paint’, ‘Teen Queen’, along with the hit record ‘Little Boy Blue’. He is also one of the vocalists on the million selling ‘Tequila’ session.

Huelyn is still recording and these songs capture the feel and spirit of the rockin’ fifties. His dynamic stage act continues to this very day as he regularly tours with top Swedish group “Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers”. Always a crowd pleaser, leaving the audience wanting more. He performs authentic rock-n-roll music the way it really was. No impersonations, a true original with music straight from the heart .
His music influenced world famous musicians. A quote from Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. “Jimmy Page and I used to ride around England in our teens listening to Huelyn Duvall songs getting inspiration for our music. The songs had lots of energy and were innocent and sincere”.
Huelyn performed with many top acts in the 1950’s such as Eddie Cochran, Johnny Horton, Bobby Darin, Dale Hawkins, The Champs and other great entertainers. He recently performed to rave reviews in Green Bay Wisconsin at one of the largest fifties rock-n-roll festivals ever held.
Born, raised and still lives in Texas.
source: Tony Wilkinson

  1. Three Months To Kill
  2. Comin Or Goin
  3. It's No Wonder
  4. Juliet
  5. Little Boy Blue
  6. Double Talkin' Baby
  7. Teen Queen
  8. Hum-Dinger
  9. Friday Night On A Dollar Bill
  10. These Chills
  11. Tear Stained Letter
  12. Life Begins At 4 O'Clock
  13. Boom Boom Baby
  14. Susie's House
  15. Comin' Or Goin'
  16. Pucker Paint
  17. Hey Brutus
  18. You Knock Me Out
  19. Fool's Hall Of Fame
  20. My Girl
  21. Got A Little Girl
  22. Let's Make A Block
  23. Does She Love Me
  24. When The Party Is Over
  25. Beautiful Dreamer
  26. Hum-Dinger
  27. Across The Aisle
  28. Modern Romance
  29. I Love Her So
  30. Lonely
  31. Blue Lawdy Blue
  32. Fool's Hall Of Fame
  33. It's No Wonder