VA – Perfect For Parties

VA - Perfect for Parties

VA - Perfect for Parties
LABEL Richard Weize Archives
GENRE Instrumental
TRACKS 20 (50:27 min.)
FORMAT 1-CD digipac • 52-page booklet


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Bear Family

It was the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll: revolutionary rhythms, electric guitars, off-beat saxophones and hammering pianos, plus piercing vocals and choruses which made everything that went before sound antiquated: awopbopaloobopalopbamboom, Be-bop-a-lula… However, this turbulent environment also produced a delicate flour which kept on blossoming in a most miraculous way: Petite Fleur by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band. Monty Sunshine’s melodic clarinet successfully stood up against the powerful sound of rock music. The METRONOME single with Sidney Bechet’s composition kept incessantly spinning on the turntables, against the rock ‘n’ roll trend of its day.