VA – Play The Music Louder – 4-Star Boogies & Jumpin’ Hillbilly

VA - Play The Music Louder - 4-Star Boogies & Jumpin' Hillbilly

VA – Play The Music Louder
4-Star Boogies & Jumpin’ Hillbilly
LABEL Richard Weize Archives
GENRE Boogie & Hillbilly
TRACKS 25 (65:35 min.)
FORMAT 1-CD digipac • 64-page booklet


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Bill McCall’s legendary FOUR STAR label began life in 1945 as a subsidiary of Dick Nelson’s GILT EDGE RECORDS. McCall issued a considerable amount of good music, which today is highly collectable and indeed expensive to purchase. This CD focuses on FOUR STAR’s heyday as an important, influential, and independent label, and features vibrant recordings from 1947 to 1955. The performers  range from major names like the Wilburn Brothers, to regional stars like Jerry Irby, Jerry Jericho and Don Whitney who are still revered by collectors and fans of music of the era, to obscure performers almost totally forgotten today, like Owen Perry and Kelly West.
The word ‘boogie’ is perhaps to many associated with race music and black jump tunes, however these Hollywood Hillbillies could boogie in their own way. This stunning compilation presents 25 jumping hillbilly boogies, and with a well-chosen variety of artists and every track having a vibrant sound, it’s guaranteed to please. This is a must-have for lovers of pre-rock ‘n’ roll, country boogie sound, jumped-up honky-tonk, late-period western swing and offers a fascinating insight into the world of jumping country boogie.
With a running time of 65 minutes and 35 seconds and a booklet jam packed with information from compiler Kevin Coffey, you’re on the right track to discovering many long forgotten tracks. And remember: you can always buy a RICHARD WEIZE ARCHIVES product with confidence, for they are made by a music lover who cares about quality and the integrity of music.
Mark Armstrong, Bühl, Germany, August 2017